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DrtoP (Doctor to Patient) is an exclusive and extremely secure video consultation platform that connects hospitals and doctors with patients online from the comfort of their homes. This means that you can consult your doctor anytime, anywhere from a location convenient for you at your preferred time. You neither have to depend on a third party nor have to travel long distances to visit your doctor. All you need is a steady internet connection, and at the click of a button you will be consulted, diagnosed and your treatment will commence by a doctor of your choice.

With the advancement in science and technology the benefit of such services is that even patients in remote areas can consult doctors with minimum effort and travel. This service is brought to you by Tertiary Care Pvt. Ltd.

Medical practitioners get the advantage of being able to see their patients from their clinics, even if the patients cannot reach them. As for patients, DrtoP allows them to login to a virtual consultation room with their doctor, discuss health issues and take the treatment plan forward – all smoothly and securely without having to wait in long queues. With DrtoP you can electronically store patient records that are easily accessible to the patients and the chosen doctor.


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“To become the best online healthcare platform, employing the latest technology, that enables patients to meet all their medical requirements with ease and efficiency. We ensure that both healthcare providers and seekers are comfortable and confident to interact with each other.”



“We continuously strive to ensure that this platform and the services we offer prove highly beneficial to all our stakeholders, irrespective of their geography. We constantly improvise on the evolving technologies to enhance the scope of our services to benefit more people.”

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